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sage.sbd.platform.installation.softwareupdates.ui has stopped working error

As I travel far and wide fixing computer related issues (and some times non-computer related)

I came across an issue where Sage Accounts 2010 installed on Windows 7 64bit Operating system would crash when starting Sage it would request to be updated, if 'No' was clicked it would close the application. Clicking 'Yes' would start the upgrade process where where you can select the update. At that point the following error would occur;

sage.sbd.platform.installation.softwareupdates.ui has stopped working

so I did some quick research and found a solution!!

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common files\Sage SBD\ rename all the Sage.SBD.Platform.Installation.xxxx.dlls

I suspect that this may also fix issues on 32bit operating systems.


Thanx to a Miguel for email me and giving me another fix, see below;

Sage SBD Desktop Installer Utility (Build 111)

This update fixes the following issues:

Automatic updates – Sage.SBD.Platform.Installation.SoftwareUpdates…has stopped working.
When you try to open Sage Accounts, the splash window appears briefly then disappears and the program does not open.

To download the Sage SBD Desktop Installer Utility (Build 111)

Access the Updates page on the Sage website: > Downloads > Updates.
Note: You must log in to view this page. To do this, click Log in, enter your email address and password for the Sage website, then click Log in.

From the drop-down list, choose Line 50 & Sage 50 Accounts then click Go.

Locate the Sage SBD Desktop Installer Utility (Build 111) then click Download.

From the File Download window, make a note of the file name, for example, sbddesktopbuild111.exe, then click Save.

From the Save As window, browse to the required destination, for example, your Windows desktop, then click Save.

The Download window appears showing the progress of the download and the estimated time to complete.

Once the download is complete, if required, click Close.
You have now successfully downloaded the Sage SBD Desktop Installer Utility (Build 111). For instructions on how to install this, click the Install it tab.

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  1. I did this and now cannot perform a back up, restore or transaction check. Any ideas

  2. It should not affect the backup or restore of the data.

  3. Thanks for the help – worked!

  4. Excellent Post – saved my day. I also did a backup without problem

  5. Just made my life a whole lot easier, thanks very much

  6. Thanks for the help, saved me having to phone up sage!!

  7. Thank you so much for this! Thought I’d broken the bosses laptop.

    THANK YOU!!!

  8. Great, Thank You!

  9. You don’t need a login to get to the desktop update software. It’s just well hidden:

    Hope this helps others who cannot access the support site for whatever reason.

  10. Excellent thankyou still works, Sage were being a pain in the backside and wouldnt help!

  11. Thank you for providing this fix

  12. I was also stuck and in a panic your advice works many thanks

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